15 Excellent DIY Shoe Storage Projects to Get Your Apartment Organized

15 Excellent DIY Shoe Storage Projects to Get Your Apartment Organized

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Creating and having the right amount of space for the storage of your gear, household items, and miscellaneous stuff is somewhat an art. Though you have probably seen all the countless ways people optimize small living spaces to fit their needs, it can still be a bit tricky.

Do not be that person whose apartment resembles that of an item-filled “Where’s Waldo?” page, rather than a home. Part of the deal when “adulting” is learning how to maximize your living space, by organizing your home in a manner that keeps your place clean and presentable.

Today you are going to learn a few tricks.

It Is Time to Organize Your Shoes

In the United States, the average male owns 12 pairs of shoes, while the average woman has almost 27 pairs of shoes in rotation. Organizing shoes in a way that causes you not to trip over them, and just keeping them out of the way, in general, can be a pain.

Thankfully, the massive Do it Yourself community is here to help. Across the internet, with the help of a little DIY magic, engineering, and design you can create the perfect storage space for your shoes.

Who knows? After you create your new storage space, you may be motivated to overhaul the entire apartment.

The Skateboard Shoe Shelves

Even for those who may not be that well acquainted with skating, the skateboard can be an alternative for those who need a little extra space for their shoes.

In this project that you can take on by yourself, homeowners use recycled skateboards, set them on the wall, and voila, you have a place to put all your shoes, but with a modern twist.

The Shoe Storage Cubby

Though it may remind you of your younger years at school, you have to admit the shoe cubby is a great way to organize huge piles of shoes.

The beauty of this project is that you can not only modify to make it more mature for your home, but it is also perfect if you have a cornucopia of shoes laying around.

Stackable Crates

Doubling as mini shelves, crates are a good way to store your shoes. Not only do crates add a nice rustic appeal to your home, getting ahold of crates for your storage need is relatively easy.

Even more so, a few bucks can get you tons of new space for your beloved self-lacing sneakers.

The Shoe Storage Bench

Putting on the right pair of boots can be tricky on your way out the door into the winter cold. The process usually involves a lot of hopping and hobbling around before finally getting your foot properly in place.

A bench that doubles as a unique storage space, could help with that. Putting your shoes on when sitting down is simply better.

Tension Rods

Like most of the projects on this list, you can use things you probably already have laying around your home to create the ultimate storage space.

Using tension rods, you can create layered shelves; perfect for boots, slippers, and heels.

The Ladder Shoe Shelf

As one of the more elegant approaches on the list, the Ladder Shoe Shelf is a great project that not only looks good but offers you ample storage space for your shoes.

This shoe rack organizer simply uses the support of the latter for a nice minimal shoe experience.

PVC Shoe Rack

Probably one of the more popular and space friendly shoe storage options on the list, this DIY project uses PVC pipes to create the ultimate, modern shoe rack.

The cut pipes act as little cubbies for your shoes and are versatile enough for you to put anywhere in your home.

Copper Shoe Rack

If DIY has taught you anything, it is probably that you can repurpose just about anything to fit your needs. Using copper pipes, you can create your own mini rack for your shoes.

Copper looks nice just about anywhere. Just make sure nothing is running through your pipes before you start.

The DIY Lazy Shoe Unit

If you need something that is easy to use and that can be applied to shoes of all types, then you should definitely check out this next shoe storage project.

The storage rack is great if you need a place that is both convenient and easy to use after a long day at work.

The Cardboard Shoe Rack

Costing almost no money to make, this DIY shoe project can be completed both quickly and easily.

Using just the cardboard from a recycled box, you can create a shoe storage system that resembles professional shelves.

Entryway Shoe Organizer

Perfect for your mudroom, the shoe organizer is great for those who have a wealth of slippers lying around.

The minimalistic organizer makes it easy to keep track of flip-flops and looks great in any home.

The Wooden Shoe Rack

If you are interested in taking a crack at woodwork, then this project is for you.

By the end of the DIY project, you will have a shoe bench that is not only perfect for your storage needs but that is also something that you can take pride in and show off to friends.

The Shoe Rack Library

A library for your shoes, this shoe project sits comfortably in any room and can hold large amounts of shoes.

The DIY sits just right in a home that needs to maximize its smaller space but needs a lot of storage room.

The Family Drawers

If your home has a few more guests in the house, then this project is perfect for the family. These drawers give each family member their own unique cabinet space and ample room for their own shoes.

The project has plenty of ways to make each of the racks a little more personal.

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